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The Orion Project
« on: September 16, 2008, 04:52:53 PM »
I receive e-mail from the Orion Project.

This is part of the e-mail that I received from them today.


Colossal Profits and More Drilling is NOT the Answer!

On August 18th, an article appeared in the New York Times titled As Oil Giants Lose Influence, Supply Drops. It described the absurd dilemma facing the major oil companies today:

    “The scope of the supply problem became more clear in the latest quarter when the five biggest publicly traded oil companies, including Exxon Mobil, said their oil output had declined by a total of 614,000 barrels a day, even as they posted $44 billion in profits. It was the steepest of five consecutive quarters of declines.”

Vision – Integrity – Courage – Leadership

Dr. Steven Greer has long predicted the current crisis on the global energy front. It is not only a crisis of limited resources, skyrocketing demand and environmental pollution. It is now also a pressurized political problem, as countries desperately hoard their dwindling supplies of fossil fuels in the face of intense pressure to sell on the open market.

“This is an industry in crisis,” said Amy Myers Jaffe, the associate director of Rice University’s energy program in Houston. “It’s a crisis of leadership, a crisis of strategy and a crisis of what the future looks like for the supermajors,” a term often applied to the biggest oil companies. “They are like a deer caught in headlights. They know they have to move, but they can’t decide where to go.”

The Vision of The Orion Project is clear; deliver small, sustainable, non-polluting energy generating systems to individual homes and businesses throughout the world. Such a goal has multiple benefits:

    * Ends the major sources of pollution destroying our environment
    * Greatly reduces the cost of power and energy, thereby reducing global inflation
    * Creates whole new industries to produce the devices, reinvigorating a troubled economy
    * Frees the U.S. from dependence on foreign oil
    * Liberates the world from control and manipulation by an handful of powerful corporations
    * Provides all countries the energy they need to prosper and develop

This brings us to one of the main goals of The Orion Project, necessary to develop the robust technologies needed to change the present energy paradigm. That is, as soon as we have several technologies that we can prove to be breakthrough energy developing technologies, we at TOP will put together a research facility to bring together experts in different aspects of the technology.

For example, if we win the bid for the Stan Meyer technologies, we will bring a number of researchers who have studied and partially replicated his technologies to the TOP research facility, where they will be able to interact and study not just the patents, but the real thing with fellow researchers. We have already met with several of these scientists and many of them are ready and willing to join the TOP research lab for a period of time to immerse themselves in the technology and make it work.

It will be this in-depth immersion with fellow colleagues that will allow TOP researchers to rapidly assess and build on the shoulders of others to bring out energy producing technologies to literally change the world energy paradigm.

Dr. Greer and his team have held this vision for over 18 years. He has demonstrated the courage to bring this message forward to the public. And he has the integrity and strategic leadership to deliver such a breakthrough to the world at large.


To me it looks like the large oil companies are trying to suck every dime out of us while they still can before there is a ground swell of new inventions that puts them out of business.  Our governments will not do anything to help because of the large oil company lobbies that help put them back in power.  Inventions of new alternative energy sources have been bought up and shelved by oil interests.  It's just non governmental organizations like the Orion Project that will bring forth alternative energy sources.

For more on Stan Meyer technologies see this All About Fuel: Videos post.

We will continue to see more alternatives until we lose our dependence on oil and gas.  I haven't tried this yet but here's one with plans to show the home owner how to build a solar panel for under $200 or a power-generating wind mill for as little as $100, Home Made Energy.
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