Author Topic: Open your eyes - by Sandra Rinck  (Read 2654 times)

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Open your eyes - by Sandra Rinck
« on: May 13, 2009, 09:48:42 AM »
"Open your eyes" is an original song written and sung by a good friend, Sandra Rinck.  With her sweet voice she tells a story that is being overlooked by many these days.

Posted below is the lyrics to her song "Open your eyes"

Today I stepped outside when I began to see
the world full of poverty.
When there all starvin and I can do without.
I pray that we can find a way.
I walked the streets tonight forsaken what I have
seen, a child who cries for me.
he begged me for some help I didn't know what to
say, so I pray that we can find a way.

I met a man without a name. and he looked so
god dam cold and tired I didn't know what to say
so we dropped down to our knees to pray when all
I could think was.

is this what it's like to live.
no place to rest your tired head.
life without food, or a home,
who will help the man.

just help him to survive.
we all have what it take
instead we turn our backs to man kind
it's kind of a crime, what if it was you?
what do you think we do.
just open your eyes and see.