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# 5 - E-mail filters
« on: February 04, 2008, 05:44:20 PM »
We can organize our e-mail accounts by using e-mail filters.  Here's how to do it with both a Yahoo and account.  Most other e-mail accounts will have similar features.

To add an e-mail filter to your Yahoo account first you need to make a folder to receive the e-mails in.  Click Add to the right of Folders and type the name of the folder you want to add, for example widgets.  To add an e-mail filter that will send all your e-mail to that folder click Options on the right then Filters.  On the Filters page click Add, name your filter (whatever you want), then in the From header field leave it as contains but in the space to the right put the last part of the e-mail address that you want to send mail to that folder.  For instance if the e-mail that you want to direct to that folder comes from admin(at) you'd put in the space.  This way if the admin decides to send from john(at) it will still end up in your folder.  Then at the bottom choose the folder you want the e-mail to be sent to.  The folder that you have already made will show in the list.  Click Add Filter.  Now as long as the admin sends from a e-mail address his e-mails will end up in your widgets folder.

If you want to filter all e-mail from a friend that uses a large e-mail provider like Yahoo, G-mail or Hotmail to a folder you'd have to use the whole e-mail address in the filter, like johnsmith(at)

You can also send e-mail to a folder if the To/Cc header, Subject or Body either contains, does not contain, begins with or ends with whatever you put in the space to the right of it.  And you can choose to match case (capital letters or not) by putting a check mark in the box to the right.  You might want to move these ones to the top of the list.

To add an e-mail filter to your account make a folder by clicking Manage Folders then click Settings - Sort rules - Create new rule.  It basically works the same as a Yahoo account but you can add more than one condition for each rule by clicking add to the right of the space where you put your rule condition.

A Yahoo account allows you to have 100 e-mail filters.

An account allows you to have 50 e-mail filters. 

Tip: To stop all spam you can use your last filter to send everything else besides what you want to receive to the Trash folder.  To do this name the filter From xyz, change contain to does not contain, put xyz in the condition space, put a check mark in match case, have it moved to the Trash folder and click Save.

This will have to be your last rule, at the bottom, so it does not disturb your other rules.

Not many e-mails will contain xyz so anything that does not will be moved to your Trash folder except the ones from your other rules.

You can turn this on or off just by editting the rule to have it moved to your Inbox folder instead of your Trash folder.  You may want to do this if you are expecting an e-mail from someone you have not set a rule for.

This is another reason why I turn the spam guards off.  I can filter my own spam.

This is a trick that people that use non-credit based safelists use.  So they think they are getting their e-mail ads seen by other safelist members but they don't have to view the e-mails that the other safelist members send.  The problem is a lot of people know how to do this rendering non-credit based safe lists just about useless.  Members would be sending to other members Trash folder.

For a hosted e-mail account you usually have 3 web based options.  I use Horde.  To add filters to have e-mails directed to a folder first make the folder by going to Folders while in Mail.  Once you've made the folder click Filters, New Rule, add a name to your new rule.  If you are filtering e-mail to a folder that comes from more than one domain or e-mail address click the 'Any of the following' button. Then click the drop down box to the right of 'Select a field' and choose From.  It will open some other options.  Leave it 'Contains' and put the domain or e-mail address in the box to the right of Contains.  Same as above, if the e-mail that you want to direct to that folder comes from admin(at) you'd put in the space, the whole e-mail address if it comes from a large e-mail provider like Yahoo, G-mail or Hotmail.  You also have a choice to add more domains or e-mail addresses if the e-mail is sent from different sources.  Click the drop down box to the right of 'Deliver into my Inbox' and choose 'Deliver to folder'.  Another option will show, click the drop down box to the right of 'Select target folder' and click the folder you previously made.  Leave the other buttons and boxes the way they were and click Save.  Move the filter above your Whitelist and Blacklist with the arrows on the right then click 'Apply Filters' and 'Save Settings'.  Then click Mail, Options, Filters and I check 'Apply filter rules whenever Inbox is displayed', that way you'll get a notice when you open your Inbox that an e-mail was directed to one of your folders.  Click 'Save Options'.  Then I generally add each domain or e-mail address to my Whitelist, in Filters, one domain or e-mail address per line.       

If you think this was useful information don't infringe my copyrights by copying it to send to a friend.  Invite your friend to join our forum.

If you have any questions or comments start a new topic in 'Chat with other members'.

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