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# 4 - E-mail accounts
« on: February 04, 2008, 06:00:16 PM »
The e-mail accounts that you use could also have an impact on your online security.

I do not use Outlook Express any longer.  I don't use it because of the security holes in it but what I particularly do not like is the fact that you have to open an e-mail to delete it.  Unscrupulous spammers can send phishing e-mails or keyloggers that are activated when you open the e-mail.  Although I believe with the newest version of Outlook Express you can delete e-mail without having to open it.

Most free web based e-mail accounts like Yahoo or have a box that you can check beside each e-mail that you receive to delete it without opening it.

If you are using an older version of Outlook Express you'd have to log into your web based account that is supplied by your internet service provider to delete any bad e-mail before you download it to Outlook Express.

A lot of people store their e-mail in folders figuring there is no limit to the amount that can be stored in Outlook Express.  But there is a limit to what Outlook Express will hold and it will stop you from sending or receiving e-mail when that limit is reached, until you jump through a bunch of hoops to get it fixed.  When that happened to me that was when I decided to stick with just web based e-mail accounts.

Web based e-mail accounts are more versatile anyways.  If you move or get a new computer there's nothing you have to do, just log in when you have the internet connection.

I use a Yahoo account to test new programs in case I'm not sure I'm going to stay a member.  I also use a Yahoo account to join programs or forums that are the same type, like free advertising forums.  Yahoo accounts offer unlimited storage space now.  You can get more than one Yahoo account if needed.  When asked for an alternative e-mail account I leave it blank.

You get 5 gigs of mailbox capacity with an e-mail account, which is a lot.  There's also a photo storage feature that you can share with your friends.  But if you get an account you may want to go to Settings - Spam Options and take the check mark out of the spot beside Use Challenge/Response Spam Protection.  If you don't the sender of an email will receive an email containing a verification link.  Most program owners and a lot of people will not want to click the verification link.  Click Save Settings.

While you are in the Settings - Spam Options you may also want to turn the spam filters off by choosing Do not use spam filter.  I find that all the spam filters do is block the e-mails that I want to receive.  You do not receive very much spam or possibly no spam if you do not post your e-mail address where it is available to the general public.  To turn your spam filter off with a Yahoo account go to Options - Spam Protection and click Turn Spam Guard Off.

An account gives you 50 e-mail filters while you just get 15 with a Yahoo account.  There is more about e-mail filters in the next post.

I also use a couple of e-mail accounts that I have with my web hosting.  E-mail accounts with a web hosting package are probably a better choice seeing the servers do not go down often.  But I've found that no e-mail account is 100% reliable.  I receive my e-mails to a web based account in text with the option to view them in html.  By receiving my e-mails in text if I happen to open an e-mail that I thought was from a payment processor and it was actually a fraudster sending a keylogger it won't effect me.  Some keyloggers have to be opened in html to be activated.

If you want to receive your e-mail in text rather than html but you do not have an e-mail account on a web hosted package then you can get a free web based mail2web account.  It's based on Microsoft Exchange like Outlook (not Outlook Express). 

If you think this was useful information don't infringe my copyrights by copying it to send to a friend.  Invite your friend to join our forum.

If you have any questions or comments about this start a new topic in 'Chat with other members'.

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