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# 3 - Forum security
« on: February 04, 2008, 06:03:04 PM »
I have installed a couple of modifications to this forum for members' security.  Your e-mail address is hidden by default.  It's probably best to keep your e-mail address hidden in this or any forum.

I'm not suggesting this to prevent other members from getting your e-mail address.  E-mail harvesters prowl the internet to collect e-mail addresses to either send spam to or sell as bulk e-mail lists.  They have been known to collect e-mail addresses that are not hidden in forums.  This could be possible with just about any forum.  So you may want to keep your e-mail address hidden in any forum you go to.

I could be over cautious but I don't even send trusted friends my e-mail address in a private message.  If I send my e-mail address in a pm I send it in this format johnsmith(at)

If you have any questions or comments start a new topic in 'Chat with other members'.