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Please read this first
« on: June 13, 2007, 03:28:30 PM »
Welcome to the Earn Cash - Make Money Online forums.

Hi I am Mike the administrator of this forum.

I live in Southern Ontario, Canada.  I am a disabled truck driver.  I enjoy going fishing once in a while.  I also enjoy building web sites, especially when I see them rank high in the search engines.

I have been online trying to make a living since 1996.  I got so fed up with all the scams I gave up on internet marketing in 2002.  But I had something to say so I published my first web site in the fall of 2003, Why Most Fail.  At this time some of the pages need to be updated but if you are trying to make money online I believe you should read the Why Most Fail report.

Please take a couple of minutes to say hello to our members by clicking 'Introduce Yourself' above and start a new topic.  You might want to tell us where you found our forum.

Please refrain from posting your advertisements anywhere other than in the free ad forums, I'll have to delete them if you do anyway.  You can advertise all you want in our free ad forums or you can add a signature file so it's displayed on all of your posts.  This is a G rated forum so no profanity, pornography or sex sites please.  No Viagra, Cialis or other drug ads either please.  I permanently ban members that post porn or drug ads.  The language for this forum is English only, so I am now also banning members the first time they post a foreign language too.

Don't spam the members by sending your links to them in private messages.  Please report any private messages that contain spam and we will take the appropriate action.

All the best
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