Author Topic: Do YOu Want to Earn Money for Only Chatting?  (Read 1732 times)

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Do YOu Want to Earn Money for Only Chatting?
« on: January 23, 2012, 09:26:01 AM »
At ISMmagic, I log in, check my referrals, post a message in my groups I run, check for new members, check my messages, go to the social board and see what people are chatting about, welcome my newest friends and post an ad to how ever many members I want to post one to on their profile. I earn money for doing this.

I am an upgraded wizard there, that is the highest rank. There are two other ranks, the pixie which is only $5 a month and the Genie which is $10 a month. I pay $20 a month for mine, well I say I pay but my earnings cover my fees.

There is also the magician level that is free. You can earn as a magician but all your earnings are held to help you upgrade. That means  you can upgrade for free. Then earn your fees the rest of the time and never be anything out of pocket.

As a wizard, I get 4 banner ads, we have the magic school where we can ask questions and learn more about marketing. Our links we post in messages are clickable which gets you a lot more looks. The other day, I posted a message sending people to my blog to see what helps me earn, I got two sign ups at my sites.

As a pixie, you get a banner plus what the free members get. You also get the clickable links. That is really a plus, if members cannot click on the link, many will pass it by. This can add as much as 500% more looks at your site.

As a Genie, you again get what magicians get, plus what the pixies get, and access to having your own blog. Plus you get 2 banner ads that rotate on the site.

The wizards get it all. The blog, the links, the school, ability to email our downline, and you can have 20 groups you run. We have found using groups to promote a particular site helps raise your google ratings.

Wizard earn from the 4x3 matrix and the 4x7 matrix plus we earn for being active and doing all the things I told you to do to earn here at ISMmagic.

Your upgrade can be by subscription or you can just pay it yourself monthly. I like that option so if something happens to me, my alertpay won't be drained out by a continous subscription before my family figures all this out.

Any questions, please do ask. I try to check in off and on during the day, but it could take me a bit to respond. I do a lot of online actual work at sites that require a lot out of me.

If you join, I will tell you all my secrets I use to earn. Here is the link again. Click Here.