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BannerPillar - the banner rotator that pays
« on: April 24, 2012, 01:09:13 PM »
BannerPillar is a new, essential tool for every Successful Internet Marketer and it is completely free to join.

Add Your Banners to the BannerPillar platform, then use your special links to upload your Banners wherever You want.

    Use a single URL for all your banners
    Use a single CODE for all your banners and links
    Change your banners here; have them updated everywhere
    Track all your impressions received
    Track all the clicks received and where they come from
    Add, Edit, Reset or delete all your banners at any time
    Use our Banner Rotator

BannerPillar will save You HOURS of hard work and will PREVENT You from:

    Running Obsolete Banners spending your clicks
    Spending impressions through Broken/Outdated Banners
    Promoting Stopped/Ended programs through your banners
    Consuming Time going through each site changing Banners

..Saving Time Means Saving Money.

...But there is more

By upgrading your membership with a single, small one time fee of $12.00  You will be granted access to their outstanding Commission Plan.

BannerPillar is Powered by a 3x13 Forced Matrix Commission plan and the full Matrix only earnings accumulate $1,195,741.50.

Earn 45% Direct commission of $5.50 PLUS $0.50 Forced Matrix Commission with each sale.. and Recover your spend with just 2 sales!

For every upgraded member that Your downline refer, You earn Forced Matrix commissions 13 levels deep.

You may even earn Forced Matrix Commissions when a member of Your upline refers an upgraded member through spillover, but this is not guaranteed.

Becoming a member of BannerPillar is FREE, and you will instantly increase your traffic, leads, and even sales. BannerPillar Is designed to help you generate targeted traffic while at the same time earn you instant profits.

BannerPillar was launched on April 24th, 2012

Join Today!   

Best Regards,