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LGT Free Marketing Tools has url rotators, ad tracking and cloaking, build a web page videos, live training workshops and more that you can use free. LGT also offers inexpensive web hosting with lots of extras if you want your own web site.


Besides posting your ads in free advertising forums you can also add your links to your signature files so they are shown at the bottom of all your posts. If you do this then it's worth introducing yourself and getting to know the regular members in the forums that you attend. Smaller free ad forums with fewer members may be as good to post to as larger forums with more members because your ad will stay on the first page for a longer period of time. Posts and signature files in forums will also increase your web site's page rank. Plus your forum posts may even show on the first page in some search engines for what you are promoting.

For an example, to add a signature file at the Earn Cash Make Money Online forums first register, go to your Profile (at the top) then Forum Profile Information. Add your signature, click Change profile then make a post to see what it looks like.

Viral Marketing

You can get a lot of people looking at your ads with viral marketing sites like these ones below. For the first 3 to get to the point of critical mass where it takes on a life of it's own you need to start it by referring 5 to 10 members that also refer some members and so on.

LeadsLeap - free with upgrade option. LeadsLeap also has a library of video tutorials.

MillionDollarViralAds - this viral marketing site is not free but it's worth joining.

Viral FFA Traffic - free with upgrade options. Get your own account or just post your ads in 9 categories without even being asked for your email address. Your ads will be shown on all the Viral FFA Traffic sites within the network.

Tell A Friend scripts like you see on the introduction page of the Earn Cash Make Money Online forum are also a good form of viral marketing if you have your own web site. Most are not free although this one is just $7. This script also comes with a contact station, anonymous feedback and a mailing list builder if you use an Aweber autoresponder. You may need to hire someone to install it.

Article Marketing

HubPages is a good place to post your articles. You can receive a share of the revenue generated from Google Adsense and a couple of other ad networks. HubPages does not like blatant advertising so you may want to read the terms of service so you do not get your Hubs disqualified. Good content in your Hubs is the key. You can also increase your contacts with HubPages. It's free to join.

TokSee, TrafficEra and other social networks are good places to increase your contact base. Start groups or teams in the communities with a good article about your favorite online programs. TokSee and TrafficEra are both free with upgrade options.

Safe Lists, List Builders and Alternatives

Here's a couple of alternatives first.

Respondoo - free or upgrade options. List all of your websites free in this new search engine.

ZoomMoola - free or upgrade options. Everyone that joins after you, no matter who refers them may see your ad. Post your ad as much as you want if you have enough credits. Get credits by looking at other ads or by upgrading. There is no timer.

Some people do not like to use safe lists or list builders because they can flood your inbox with e-mail. If you are going to use safe lists or list builders I highly recommend that you join them with a different e-mail account other than your main one. Before you join any safe lists or list builders you may want to read these posts about Email accounts and Email filters at the Earn Cash Make Money Online forum first.

Here's a couple of safe lists.

EzCashRace - free or upgrade options.
CashSpeeder - free or upgrade options.

Here's a couple of list builders.

ListBandit - free or upgrade options.
TheListMachine - free or upgrade options.

Traffic Exchanges

Using the tabs feature of a Mozilla Firefox browser you can surf 5 or more traffic exchanges at the same time. It's best to use the ones with a 10 to 15 second timer together, then the ones with a 20 to 30 second timer together.

123Clicks has 23 of the best traffic exchanges in it's traffic builder section. Your 123Clicks referrals will see your links to the programs below if you add your usernames to your traffic builder section, so you won't need to promote them all to get additional advertising credits. Just promote 123Clicks. Paid traffic exchanges may work better cause the members have a record of purchasing online.
TopSurfer - free, 15 second timer.
TrafficRoundup - free, 10 second timer.
ClicknPutt - free, 15 second timer.
Hit Pulse - free, 15 second timer.
T25 - free, 15 second timer.
Traffic Pods - free, 15 second timer.
ViralVisitors - free, 10 second timer.
HitSafari - free, 15 second timer.
ClicksMatrix - free, 15, 30 or 45 second timer.
Mystical Maze - free, 10 second timer.
ProTrafficShop - paid, 10 second timer.
ClickMasterPro - paid, 15 second timer.
TrafficSwarm - free, 20 second timer.
ProClickExchange - paid, 20 second timer.
WebmasterQuest - free, 30 second timer.
TrafficG - free, 30 second timer.
Plus 7 others.

Other good traffic exchanges.

TrafficEra - free, 15 second timer, this is also a social network.
GoneClicking - free, 10 to 15 second timer.
FastFreeway - free, 15 second timer.
ProFatCat - paid, 10 second timer.

Whatever you decide to advertise I highly recommend that you read this free report about Why Most Fail. You wouldn't want to spend a lot of time and/or money advertising a certain online program then come to the conclusion that you have not been receiving credit for your referrals. You may want to join us in this inexpensive program, The $20 Miracle.

If you would like your own copy of this web page with your own affiliate links or even different programs then get a web hosting account from LGT Marketing, send me, Mike a private message at the Earn Cash Make Money Online forums and I will give you access to the members part of our forum. You will also be able to build web pages about anything with our tutorials. LGT will show you how to build a web site but the members part of our forum will show you how to get up and running quick with copy and paste instructions.

Good luck with your free advertising.

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