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I joined cause I think Pay Per Play is one of the best programs online. Seeing it's free everyone should be a member. But I was pleasantly surprised when I got into the free ad forum to see all the informative topics. And I got help with my free web site too. Here's to the success of our team. Thanks Mike.
Fish Success

Hi Mike. Nice forum. I joined. You have some really good information in there. I like your post on how to post signature links in forums. I tried it out. Looks good! Thanks!
Barb R
I Love Earning Cash Online

Hi Mike,
I`m happy that I joined the private forum. This night I read over an hour in the threads and I must read over and over, because there are a lot of informations. I don`t think that I can understand all from one time reading. But all is clearly written.
See you!

Hi everyone, I'm new at this, but I found a great group of people and wanted to join the team. I believe in team work. I play soccer at a elite level and we only win as a team. We can't play as individuals or we'd loose every game. The forum is so full of information to help me out that it alone was worth the money I paid to be part of the team. Thanks for allowing me to be a member.


Hi, I'm Tasha. I really like this place and the opportunities offered here. I have been working on my first website and thanks to the wonderful information found in the forum it has been a lot easier then I expected.

Hey Mike!

When I joined this team I thought that it was going to be like the rest of the teams out there but boy did I get fooled. The forum and the members are one if the best groups I have been involved with. And the leadership that you are giving the members is the type that I have only seen on the internet in several other places. As a member not just from myself I would like to say thanks and may we continue to grow in knowledge and wealth.

Royal Swann

This is a cool site!
I really learn great stuffs in here. An get some ideas on business from you guys.
I think more members and new stuffs would be good.


I have to tell you that this forum has taught me more in one day than some have in several years. This is also one of the most friendly forums I have ever had the honor to be a member of.

Barb P

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